Tennessee Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinics

Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) maintains a list of certified wildlife rehabilitation clinics at the URL below. If you encounter injured wildlife and want to assist it, the map below is a good first stop to identify the closest location that can meet the animal's needs.

Do not handle wildlife without proper equipment and training! Contact your local animal control office, or depending on the circumstances, TWRA may be able to send an officer to assist with transporting a wild animal to a clinic. Their phone numbers are below:
TWRA Region 1: (731) 423-5725 or (800) 372-3928 
TWRA Region 2: (615) 781-6622 or (800) 624-7406
TWRA Region 3: (931) 484-9571, or (800) 262-6704
TWRA Region 4: (423) 587-7037, or (800) 332-0900

Wildlife rehab clinics: https://www.tn.gov/twra/article/wildlife-rehabilitator-list

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