Tennessee Mississippian Strata - Fossils - Bangor limestone

identified_name identified_rank accepted_name accepted_rank early_interval max_ma min_ma
Archimedes sp. genus Archimedes genus Chesterian 339.4 318.1
Bivalvia indet. class Bivalvia class Chesterian 339.4 318.1
Bryozoa indet. phylum Bryozoa phylum Chesterian 339.4 318.1
Caninia flaccida species Caninia genus Chesterian 339.4 318.1
Echinodermata indet. phylum Echinodermata phylum Chesterian 339.4 318.1
Foraminiferida indet. phylum Foraminifera phylum Chesterian 339.4 318.1
Gastropoda indet. class Gastropoda class Chesterian 339.4 318.1
Ostracoda indet. class Ostracoda class Chesterian 339.4 318.1
Psammodus sp. genus Psammodus genus Late Mississippian 326.4 318.1
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Archimedes, Bangor limestone, east TennesseeEridopora, Bangor limestone, East TennesseeBlastoids, Bangor limestone, East TennesseeUnknown
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