Tennessee Mississippian Strata - Fossils - Bangor limestone

Distribution of Bangor Limestone
Distribution of Bangor Limestone

Fossils described in the Bangor limestone
collection_no accepted_name early_interval / age
76726 Caninia Chesterian 339.4-318.1 ma
Echinodermata Chesterian 339.4-318.1 ma
Bryozoa Chesterian 339.4-318.1 ma
Gastropoda Chesterian 339.4-318.1 ma
Bivalvia Chesterian 339.4-318.1 ma
Archimedes Chesterian 339.4-318.1 ma
Ostracoda Chesterian 339.4-318.1 ma
Foraminifera Chesterian 339.4-318.1 ma
84104 Psammodus Late Mississippian 326.4-318.1 ma

Photographs of Bangor limestone fossils

Archimedes, Bangor limestone, east Tennessee
Eridopora, Bangor limestone, East TennesseeBlastoids, Bangor limestone, East TennesseeUnknown

Alabama, AL, Tennessee, TN, Georgia, GA, Cherokee County, Colbert County, DeKalb County, Marshall County, Blount County, Jackson County, Saint Clair County, Cullman County, Winston County, Etowah County, Jefferson County, Madison County, Morgan County, Lawrence County, Franklin County, Floyd County, Dade County, Marion County, White County, Hamilton County, Grundy County, Putnam County, Warren County, Coffee County, Overton County, Cumberland County, Van Buren County, Sequatchie County, Fentress County, Cannon County, Pickett County, Franklin County, Bledsoe County, Lincoln County, fossil, fossils, Chesterian, Bangor limstone, bangor, limestone, Mississippian, Caninia, Echinodermata, Bryozoa, Gastropoda, Bivalvia, Archimedes, Ostracoda, Foraminifera, Psammodus 

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