Tennessee Mississippian Strata - Fossils - St Louis, Warsaw, and Salem Limestones

St Louis, Warsaw, and Salem Limestones

collection_no identified_name identified_rank accepted_name accepted_rank early_interval max_ma min_ma
64639 Naticopsis (Naticopsis ?) n. sp. buttsi species Naticopsis (Naticopsis) buttsi species Meramecian 345 336
Bellerophon cf. scissile species Bellerophon scissile species Meramecian 345 336
133416 Stethacanthus altonensis species Stethacanthus altonensis species Visean 346.7 330.9
40773 Meekopora cf. clausa species Meekopora genus Meramecian 345 336
162328 Beyrichiella confluens species Beyrichiella genus Osagean 353.8 342.8
Cytherella glandella species Cytherella genus Osagean 353.8 342.8
Glyptopleura costata species Glyptopleura genus Osagean 353.8 342.8
Paraparchites carbonaria species Paraparchites genus Osagean 353.8 342.8
Paraparchites nicklesi species Paraparchites nicklesi species Osagean 353.8 342.8
Savagella lindahli species Savagella genus Osagean 353.8 342.8
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