Blogging Activity

By my best guess I have been maintaining a blog since 1998 when I graduated high school. My oldest post which I still have a de-published record of dates to 5/22/2001. The regularity of posts here have come and gone, but this virtual space has somehow managed to remain the center of my online presence, outlasting MySpace, Flickr, Facebook, and Reddit as a home where I share my content. In the last few years I've been writing more, and creating more multimedia content that is suitable for a blog format. I've also been learning new tools, specifically Google Sheets, which I can use to develop dynamic data tables, charts, and visualizations. Below, I turn those tools inwards to look at the blog itself and view temporal trends on my production of blog posts.

In the period of time between 2005 and 2014, I was producing approximately 3.5 posts a year. In actuality, I was producting far more, but few of those are appropriate for the audience I have sought to cultivate, so I have de-published them. After 2014, I've written approximately 15.4 posts year.

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