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Hello and welcome! This page includes some of my publications, activities and awards. My interests are broad and I have incorporated web pages and self-published posts, some of which may not be easy to categorize. Thank you for your interest in my work! Chuck Sutherland


Geographer - Photographer - Caver

I love caving. It is the most accessible form of "frontier exploration" available to human beings. It is a way to see the Earth from the inside out. Rocks and water have stories to tell. Like a detective, the curious can tease out their stories by carefully reading clues.

As much as I enjoy learning about the Earth, I love getting other people excited about science even more. I enjoy learning from and working with other scientists. My "inner geographer" thrives on forming a larger holistic picture from these experiences.

My camera is an ever present companion on my adventures, and I am fortunate to be well published as a photographer. ABC, BBC and the Discovery Channel have utilized my work. My photography appears in academic journals, music videos, news outlets, books, magazines and websites.

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Journal Publications

Paulina Bounds, Charles Sutherland (2018) Perceptual basemaps reloaded: the role basemaps play in eliciting perceptions. The Journal of Linguistic Geography. 6 (2). 2018: 1-24.

Gardner R., Hart E., Sutherland C. (2018) Delineation of a Major Karst Basin with Multiple Input Points, Roaring River, Tennessee. In: White W., Herman J., Herman E., Rutigliano M. (eds) Karst Groundwater Contamination and Public Health. Advances in Karst Science. Springer, Cham

Evan A. Hart, Frank W. Stapor, J. Enrique Novoa Jerez, and Charles J. Sutherland (2016) Progradation of a Beach Ridge Plain between 5000 and 4000 Years BP Inferred from Luminescence Dating, Coquimbo Bay, Chile. Journal of Coastal Research. 7 September, 2017

Yoichiro Kanno, William T. Russ, Charles J. Sutherland, S. Bradford Cook (2012) Prioritizing aquatic conservation areas using spatial patterns and partitioning of fish community diversity in a near-natural temperate basin. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. 4 July, 2012


WCTE PBS's Wish You Were Here - Season 1 Episode 1, Executive Producer, photographer, videographer - 2022/05/19


Sutherland, Chuck, editor. Speleopocalypse: SERA's 69th Cave Carnival Guidebook. National Speleological Society, 2020.

Sutherland, Chuck, and Caralynn Strand, editors. National Speleological Society 2019 Convention Guidebook. National Speleological Society, 2019.


• Explore Tennessee's Upper Cumberland Stay and Play 2021 - Jackson County day Trip - 2021/03/09
Linguistic Planets of Belief: Mapping Language Attitudes in the American South - 2020/10/29, cartography, analysis
Thousands of Sinkholes, Hundreds of Caves, Dozens of Rare Species…. Recent Discoveries and New Data About Our Karst Landscapes - 2019/11/02, cartography
Around the Mountain: Caves in Tennessee - 2019/03/18, cartography, analysisDistribution and Threat Analysis of the Obey Crayfish, Cambarus obeyensis - 2018/12, GIS analysis and cartography
• Tennessee Comb Grave Tradition, Tennessee Folklore Society Bulletin, Volume LXX, Numbers 1 & 2, Spring & Fall 2014 (published late) - 2018/05
Thousands of acres in White County to be preserved [PDF]- Herald Citizen - 2018/04/28
Employee of the Year Award: Upper Cumberland Development District - Economic and Community Development - 2018/05/15
Pleasant Hill Historical Society to meet May 20 - 2018/05/14
Pioneer Hall Museum opens for the season - 2018/04/30
Where to Watch? - 2017/08/27
The Stone Door - Earth Science Picture of the Day - 2017/08/17
'Friends of' series taking off - Herald Citizen - 2017/08/14
Sparta Speaker Series focuses on numerous nature topics - 2017/07/17
Look Back: Caves plentiful on the plateau - 2017?
Welcome to Tennessee's Upper Cumberland - Stay and Play 2017; Top 5 Overlooks in the Stunning Upper Cumberland - 2017
ESRIgram - ESRI on Instagram - Distribution of Tennessee Comb Graves - 2016/10/02 - cartography
Sparta / White County, Tennessee - Road Map - 2016/05/27 - cartography, photography
Tennessee Geographic Information Council (TNGIC) 2016 - Best Spatial Analysis - and - Viewer's Choice - 2016/04/28, analysis, cartography
Predictive Modeling of Cave Entrances Utilizing Hyperspectral Imagery and Digital Elevation Models - Tennessee Tech Research and Creative Activities Day 2016 - 2016/04/05, analysis, cartography, photography
Delineation of a Major Karst Basin with Multiple Input Points, Roaring River, Tennessee (Ryan Gardner, Evan Hart, and Chuck Sutherland) - Karst Waters Institute Conference - 2016/01/25, cartography, geology, analysis [special publication]
Tennessee Cave Life Relational Geodatabase - Karst Waters Institute Conference - 2016/01/25, cartography, analysis
The Tennessee Comb Grave Tradition - 2016/01, cartography [static map] [interactive map]
The Southern Grassroots Biofuels Project: A Participatory Study of Conservationists and Stakeholders From Two Upper Cumberland Counties - 2015/06/29, cartography
• Rapid Progradation Of The Vega Beach-Ridge Plain (Middle Holocene), Coquimbo Bay, Chile (presentation) - 2015/04, geology, photography
Whitewater Of The Southern Appalachians: Vols 1 & 2 - 2015/01, cartography, photography
Post-Spawning Distribution, Abundance, And Species-Habitat Associations Of The Barrens Darter (Etheostoma forbesi) - 2014/05, cartography
Summer Roosting Ecology Of The Northern Long-Eared Bat (Myotis Septentrionalis) At Catoosa Wildlife Management Area - 2013/08, cartography
Spawning and Captive Propagation of the Blackside Dace, Chrosomus cumberlandensis - 2013, cartography
Movement Patterns of the Threatened Blackside Dace, Chrosomus cumberlandensis, in Two Southeastern Kentucky Watersheds - 2013, cartography
Population Densities of the Threatened Blackside Dace, Chrosomus cumberlandensis,in Kentucky and Tennessee - 2013, cartography
Nest Association and Reproductive Microhabitat of the Threatened Blackside Dace, Chrosomus cumberlandensis - 2013, cartography
Distribution of Blackside Dace, Chrosomus cumberlandensis, in the Upper Tennessee River Drainage of Virginia - 2013, cartography
Development and Validation of the Habitat Models for the Threatened Blackside Dace, Chrosomus cumberlandensis, at Two Spatial Scales - 2013, cartography (uncredited)
Tennessee Landforms -- Sinkholes - 2013, analysis, cartography
Estimating size-specific brook trout abundance in continuously sampled headwater streams using Bayesian mixed models with zero inflation and overdispersion - 2012/03/12, analysis, cartography
Hydrology and Geomorphology of a Rare Flood, Blackburn Fork, Putnam-Jackson Counties - 2010/08/18, photography, field work

Photography & Videography

  • Boost - 2013, dead link (French / English book)

    Tree house



  • White County Rescue - 2020/01/18

  • NSS 2019 Convention Program - cartography, cover - 2019/04/30

  • Best of the National Speleological Society 2018, Award Winning Cave Photography and Music [DVD] - 2018/03/17

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