Lost Creek Noobs Trip

Alexis in the Upper Lost Creek Walking Passage I have to climb this? Lost Creek Ben White Entrance Silt Bar in Lost Creek Cave Brian and his Cool Tripod Terry and Alexis Hanging Out Lost Creek Borehole
Make no mistake, I'm a caving noob. But I took two even bigger noobs to Lost Creek so they could check out what caving is. Brian Herron and Terry Steadman both (appeared to) enjoyed themselves. We went to the waterfall room and came back out. I noted and explored a side passage the next day (pictures 1 & 2) which was hundreds of feet of tight crawl. It sucked so I turned back.
I was unable to capture Ben White's entrance blowing steam 20+ feet into the air due to the thermal gradient. It was very impressive, but the atmospheric conditions weren't optimal for photography.


Capshaw Cave

IMG_1324 IMG_1329 Capshaw Cave, Putnam Co, TN, Quentin and Kristen Around the Bend Radial Fungi Quentin Squeezing in IMG_1348  Flowstone Andy and a Column Bacon and Flowstone Yummy Sign! The UCG Gang
Upper Cumberland Grotto sponsored outing. Met some cool people: Quentin Jones, Andy Lane, Vance Gentry, Ben and Richard Craven. We got a little bit wet, got a little bit dirty and ended up removing a ladder from the cave (to prevent liability issues with the city).
Out destination was the Ice Cream Parlor, the room pictured with all the snazzy formations.


Virgin Falls Winter Camping Trip

Greg and Alexis Flora Cascades and Flora Flowing Water Karst Feature Laurel Creek North-East Laurel Creek South-West Big Laurel Falls and Cave Greg and the Hillside Big Laurel Valley Greg's Tent Fire Pyramid Greg By the Fire
Alexis and I decided to take Greg Rhinehart camping at Virgin Falls. Plan was to get to the falls and camp above them. Reality was, old man Chuck hurt his back after a mile of hiking and we pitched tents at Big Branch creek campground. From there we wandered around finding an interesting old logging trail or road that runs between the afore mentioned campground and Martha's Pretty Point (MPP). We discovered some animal trails that lead us up the backside of the bluff the MPP was on. And we discovered some interesting karst features, including possible a cave or two.