Ridgewalking Standing Stone

River View The Mouth cave Deep Spring 2 Deep Spring Bluff Trail River Lindera benzoin, Overton County, TN Sunshine Hole Flowstone Formations Rock Ledge Entrance Above Dragon Rock Cave Salamander - Eurycea Lucifuga Solution Columns Pipistrellus subflavus, Tennessee Cave Bat 200712_ridgewalking_16
Alexis and I demanded that Kristen Bobo take us out to "Do what you normally do." We spent some time wandering around Standing Stone, and ended up hitting a few caves she discovered. They were all ~150-200 feet long, ~50-75 feet deep, vertical fissures in limestone bluffs which had weathered into well developed caves.
I learned a few things on this trip: 1) Cave entrances don't always have to be obvious, 2) don't crawl into muddy rooms without someone to help you out.
I got "stuck" in a room in Gi-gi's gre gre because it was completely covered in mud and I couldn't get traction to get out. It was a blast. I also learned the more muddy you are, the more fun you have.