Map Portfolio

Dynamic Maps

These maps are ones that I have produced either professionally or as a hobbyist using ESRI's ArcGIS Online platform with Dashbaords or the Experience Builder tools.

The Tennessee Comb Grave Tradition

I put this Experience together for Ric Finch, who researches comb graves. A "comb grave" is a burial that features a grave cover made, normally, of two rectangular slabs of stone leaned together to form a gable roof over the grave. The term "comb" signifies "the crest or ridge of a roof". It includes my photographs, a Survey123 form for submitting new comb graves, as well as an interactive map.

Tennessee Cave Survey 2023

This is my attempt to create an interesting dashboard for the Tennessee Cave Survey that provides detailed statistical information about described caves in the state without sharing location information.

Static Maps

All of these maps were produced using ArcMap 10.x, ArcGIS Pro, and/or Photoshop over the span of the last 15 years, or so. Some I am quite proud of, and others I have just used to benchmark my progress by. Like my interests, their subject matter is diverse.

Cave Maps

With the ultimate goal of having a cave density map of the USA I started producing these maps for state cave surveys back around 2007. While each state is working on its own data, and year by year improving it, I like to update these as resources for the caving community and the general public who may be interested in caves.

COVID-19 Maps

When COVID-19 happened, every data nerd and geospatial analyst was crunching the numbers that we could find. This is what I did for fun for the first few weeks of lockdown.

Drone Maps

A few photos of natural features with a scale bar and a north arrow.

Declared Disaster Maps

This is another COVID lockdown project. I mapped the modal disaster type for each county in the contiguous United States. A few versions of the map are here.

Graphical Maps

More graphic design than map. These are just artsy projects which I thought would be fun to include.

Historic Maps

Imaging of historic maps (that I didn't make), and layovers of historic maps with modern data.

Marketing Maps

Maps made for clients.

Public Land Maps

Maps of public lands.

Tennessee Maps

Maps of Tennessee.

Thematic Maps

Maps with thematic elements (that's all of them, right?).

Trail Maps

Maps of trails that I've hiked.

USA Maps

Maps of the USA.


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