Lost Creek Noobs Trip

Alexis in the Upper Lost Creek Walking Passage I have to climb this? Lost Creek Ben White Entrance Silt Bar in Lost Creek Cave Brian and his Cool Tripod Terry and Alexis Hanging Out Lost Creek Borehole
Make no mistake, I'm a caving noob. But I took two even bigger noobs to Lost Creek so they could check out what caving is. Brian Herron and Terry Steadman both (appeared to) enjoyed themselves. We went to the waterfall room and came back out. I noted and explored a side passage the next day (pictures 1 & 2) which was hundreds of feet of tight crawl. It sucked so I turned back.
I was unable to capture Ben White's entrance blowing steam 20+ feet into the air due to the thermal gradient. It was very impressive, but the atmospheric conditions weren't optimal for photography.

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