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Determined Moonshiners Hole

"It's not a saucer." - Gerald Moni I had been contacted by a landowner in Putnam County to check some caves on his property. I met with Gerald Moni, and the landowner's father, Roy P. Roy is an intelligent and likable guy, 72 years old, and in pretty great shape. We parked on a cul-de-sack and proceeded on foot. It was bitterly cold at 15 degrees, snowing, and windy, perhaps not the best day for a stroll in the woods. But since I work all the time, I take what I can get. Not far below where we parked was the Hartselle-Monteagle contact, and the features Roy wanted to show us were there. I slipped in the first, a 15 foot dud, but blowing lots of air through a hole about big enough for my cat. The other two were less impressive than that, but all blowing lots of steam. Gerald and I wanted to field check Determined Moonshiner, a nearby cave. We found it, and after taking pictures of the beautiful ice flow over the entrance, I kicked the ice out and went

Curriculum Vitae

Greetings and welcome! This page showcases a collection of my publications, activities, and accolades. As my interests are diverse, you may find web pages and self-published posts that are not readily categorized. Thank you for your curiosity in my work! Jump to Bio Media Use Guidelines Links and Affiliations Publications Bio Geographer, photographer, caver I am a professional geographer specializing in GIS software and data. I am currently employed at the Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office as a Fire Prevention Geospatial Analyst. My responsibilities include managing and enhancing data collection systems, and performing analysis. Additionally, I oversee grant processes that aid volunteer fire departments and rescue squads. I also work part time as an adjunct professor at Tennessee Tech University , where I teach Theory of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) I and II. I enjo