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Lost Creek Cave Trip

From my earliest caving days, I've always been eager to introduce my friends to the underground world. One of these early excursions took us to Lost Creek Cave, which, at the time, was owned by the Rylander Family. Thankfully, they were very generous with granting access. The trip consisted of myself, Alexis Lienhart, Brian Herron, and Terry Steadman. It was a simple trip to the waterfall room, which Brian photographed. On this trip I also found and explored a tight side passage that was several hundred feet of tight crawling. This adventure also marked the first time I witnessed the fascinating steam plume emerging from the Ben White entrance. This natural phenomenon occurs as cold air sinks into the lower entrance, warms up, and then rises through the upper entrances in the form of warm, moist air spouts. Nature's surprises are always intriguing.

Capshaw Cave

This was an Upper Cumberland Grotto sponsored outing. Met some cool people: Quentin Jones, Andy Lane, Vance Gentry, Ben and Richard Craven. We got a little bit wet, got a little bit dirty and ended up removing a ladder from the cave (to prevent liability issues with the city). Our destination was the Ice Cream Parlor, the room pictured with all the snazzy formations.

Virgin Falls Winter Camping Trip

Alexis and I made the decision to bring Greg Rhinehart along for a camping trip at Virgin Falls. The original plan was to reach the falls and set up camp just above them. However, reality had other plans for us. Old man Chuck ended up injuring his back after just a mile of hiking, so we had to improvise and pitched our tents at the Big Branch Creek campground instead. Despite the change in plans, we decided to make the most of our adventure. We explored the area, stumbling upon an intriguing old logging trail or road that connects the campground with Martha's Pretty Point. During our exploration, we also stumbled upon some animal trails that led us up the backside of the bluff where Martha's Pretty Point was located. As we ventured further, we came across some fascinating karst features, and we even spotted what might be a couple of caves. Our unexpected detour turned out to be quite an adventure, filled with unique discoveries and unexpected encounters with the natural wor