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The Eastern Highland Rim - Part 1 - Geology

Table of Contents How it Got Here Geology Pennington Formation Bangor Limestone Hartselle Sandstone Monteagle Limestone St. Louis Limestone Warsaw Limestone Fort Payne Limestone Chattanooga Shale Minerals Calcite Chert Gypsum Quartz Fossils Crinoids Brachiopods Corals Stromatolites Regional Geology Presentation (2 hours) How it Got Here During the Mississippian period , approximately 380 to 320 million years ago, the Eastern Highland Rim was formed through the deposition of sediments. At that time, a large, shallow sea covered the interior of the United States, providing a habitat for corals and other creatures that primarily created their shells from calcium carbonate. As these organisms died, their remains accumulated on the ocean floor, forming deep layers of limestone that have full of aquatic fossils. In other places, the shells dissolved and deposited as lime mud. As the conti