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Rescue at Mill Pond

I am surfing on the receding limb of a media wave that swept around the globe, gradually slowing. In this story I am not the protagonist or the antagonist, but simply someone near. As such, the knowledge that comes from perspective may be useful to someone now, or in the future, or perhaps never at all. This story will find its way to the surface likely long after the media cycle and the world has forgotten about little Jackson County, Tennessee. This story is for cavers, and for the locals who call the Upper Cumberland home. This story is for you. This story is disconnected. It's disconnected from direct involvement with any of the exploration, and disconnected from the rescue. But these are events that originated from a disconnect, a moment where the dive line which held the diver's life separated. As you know, all things are connected, and so in this story I will attempt to connect all the lose bits. On November 12th, 2016 my friend showed me a beautiful spring in her b