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Gear for Caving in Tennessee

I am often in the position where I am taking people caving for their first time. In order to make the most of the caving experience, one doesn't need to be distracted by such things as bleeding knees, concussion, or death. To this end, I am compiling a list of caving gear appropriate for a first time caver*. First, I wanted to share a list of gear I'm using to cave with right now (specifically horizontal cave). Let me draw your attention to the table Basic Caving Gear : Data. Lights There are lots of lights available for cavers. Since I started caving, the brightness of headlamps has increased at least 10 fold. I want to avoid telling you exactly what to buy (because I really want to write this blog post and not update it) and instead tell you how to buy. But first, let's talk about quantity of lights. For caving, we like to have three sources of light. Two of those must be headlamps. You want a light that doesn't take up valuable space in your hand