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The Cumberland Plateau

Table of Contents Part 1 - Geology How it got here Crossbedding Fossils Liesegang Rings Minerals Sandstone as a Resource Tafoni Part 2 - Geography Natural Arches Overlooks Rivers Rock Shelters Slot Canyons / Caves Rock Towns Waterfalls Regional Geology Presentation (2 hours) Part 1 - Geology How it got here About 325 - 260 million years ago, a mountain building event, called the Alleghanian orogeny happened as a result of the collision of the North America and Africa continental plates. The Cumberland Plateau represents the least deformed and westernmost region affected by this event. The Cumberland Plateau is defined by Pennsylvanian sandstones. The Pennsylvanian sandstones are often referred to as "caprock" by geologists because they lie atop the more easily weathered Mississippian sedimentary rocks and provide a protective roof. The Plateau is known for many unique physical features, as well as i