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Inspection of Tornado Damage using Satellite Imagery

March 3rd, 2020 a deadly tornado touched down in Putnam County, Tennessee. It's 8.2 mile path destroyed more than 100 homes and left a normally happy community heartbroken and distraught. A week on, this is an analysis of what happened using GIS data and aerial imagery. How do we get to the above map? The track was provided by National Weather Service (NWS). The track buffer was made using attribute data provided by NWS. NWS update for Putnam County Tornado Regions affected: Putnam County, City of Baxter, City of Cookeville Max Rating: EF-4 Max Winds: 175 mph Path Length: 8.2 miles Path Width: 500 yards Time on the ground: 8 min Forward speed: 65 mph Buildings destroyed: 100 Road Crossings: 35 Affected Area (500 yard buffer of tornado path) Buildings within affected area: 1,812 Landuse: Land use / Land cover Acres Percent Agriculture 1,220.34 38.78% Commercial 194.65 6.18% Industrial 56.76 1.80% Public/Semi-Public Uses 113.28 3.60% R