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The Eastern Highland Rim - Part 2 - Geography

Table of Contents Geography Definitions Natural Arches Karst Sandstone Caves Karst Springs Pits Sinkholes Insurgences and Swallets Karst Windows Waterfalls Bangor Limestone / Hartselle Sandstone / Monteagle Limestone Contacts St. Louis Limestone / Warsaw Limestone Contact Fort Payne Chert / Chattanooga Shale Contact Regional Geology Presentation (2 hours) Geography of the Eastern Highland Rim Definitions Contact - The contact between two rock units. This is used interchangeably with geologic contact.  Eastern Highland Rim - Mississippian age rocks underlying the Cumberland Plateau and adjacent areas. Karst - Refers to a landscape, or landscape features that was created by water dissolving the bedrock. Examples are sinkholes and caves.  Rock Unit - A rock unit is a volume of rock of identifiable origin and relative age range. They are differentiated by a sudden change in rock type, or change in fossils. Many of these