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Cleanup and Graffiti Removal at Black Mountain

It's infuriating to any decent human that some fools find beautiful places and destroy them. Case in point, Black Mountain, a rock town in Cumberland County, and a segment of the Cumberland Trail State Park has been a location growing in popularity with these idiots. I became aware of some black spray paint on the boulders below a few months ago and it had been sitting in my mind for some time. The amazing Chattanooga photographer, Kelli Lewis and I planned to catch sunrise there on Saturday, and it was decided that we would put some time into cleaning up and attempting to remove the vandalism there. Terri Likens, Caleb Ottinger, Brandon Mullins, and Cody Julian also joined us participating in the cleanup as well as the graffiti removal. Upon arrival I noticed plenty of other recent graffiti in the form of blue and green spray paint. Given the vastness of the surface covered in spray paint, I decided to treat only select areas this day. Here are the before photographs by loc