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Putnam County Crime Rate

Putnam County, Tennessee is located approximately equidistant between Nashville and Knoxville along Interstate 40. It's the hub of the Upper Cumberland region. Due to misinformation being proliferated on social media , I am providing this public dataset in a digestible format. Trends within the data show Tennessee Tech University (TTU) as having a very small per capita report crime rate, where Cookeville tends to have the highest crime rate. Small municipalities show broad variations in annual change, which is to be expected with smaller populations. Broadly, the crime rate has been decreasing for the last 20 years. The Tennessee line is a good broad estimate of what the larger regional trend is. The strong drop in Cookeville and Putnam's crime rate at 2020 likely shows the effects of the Coronavirus. The tables above show the data as it was provided from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation's database, TIBRS.