Photographer Resume

Caving gear 2

In the beginning I thought of myself as an artist. I wanted a digital camera so that I could make art more easily. Not long after getting a digital camera I realized that I had no idea what I even wanted to take pictures of and that this hobby would be short lived unless I had an idea. Fortunately I found some photographers that were inspiring, and I emulated their work.

It's been a fun road, documenting nature in mostly the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee all these years. I wanted to cook out some statistics and graphs from my published work on Flickr just to see what trends may have emerged. I share those here, not because I need to brag, but because it's an exercise in creating a dynamic dashboard utilizing Google Sheets. The data is actively scraped from Flickr, parsed, organized, and visualized into a number of graphs and raw data.

For this analysis, Albums relate to specific dated events, for example, 2021/08/08 - Cohutta Wilderness, where I hiked in the Cohutta Wilderness of Georgia.

Below are some selected entries from my CV related to photography.