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Landslide on Gee Creek

While hiking in the South Cherokee National Forest and Wildlife Management area this weekend I observed what appeared to be a fresh landslide. I was excited at the chance to look closely at this and document a fascinating geologic event. The location of the rockfall is at 35.246533, -84.529235 , on the north side of Gee Creek right above the cement tunnel formerly used by the mill operation. The rock that dropped is Nebo Sandstone , part of the Chilhowee Group. In the photos and map below you can see the steeply dipping in-situ rock unit. 

Oddities of Official Place Names of the United States

There are 2,278,005 registered place names in the United States.  The average length of a place name is 19.46 characters.  The average number of words in a  place name is 2.89. At 117 characters, the longest official place name of the United States is Center Street Colored Methodist Episcopal Church-Chestnut Street Colored Methodist Episcopal Church Historical Marker . There are 25 places which have short names of only two characters:  Ai, AL , Ai, GA , Ai, OH , Ai, MH , Ai, NC , Ex, AK , Hy, MO , Ii, PW , Iw, FM , Kì, HI , Ka, VA , Le, WY , Mo, FM , Na, FM , Ni, MH , Or, FM , Ot, FM , Ot, FM , Ow, FM , Oz, KY , Ri, FM , Ti, OK , To, FM , Uh, FM , and Yo, MH With 19 unique words, the building  San Juan County Fire District 2 / Orcas Island Fire and Rescue Station 24 Deer Harbor / Spring Point tends to stand out. You may find it frustrating as a resident of  Grant's Vacation Park Recreational Vehicle and Mobile Home Park if you are having to write your address frequently

Cedar Ridge Crystal Cave

This is mostly macro work that I did at Cedar Ridge Crystal Cave. I experimented with extension tubes shooting water drops at the end of soda straws. The photos aren't as crisp as I would like. Next time I will use a different lens. If anyone sees this, let me know what you think. :)