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How I failed to Photograph Mill Creek Falls

I have photographed many of the waterfalls within an hour’s car drive of Cookeville. One, that I shot six years ago, Mill Creek Falls, has been on my list to re-do This is the story of my attempt to photograph it. Mill Creek Falls is accessed by walking downstream of Waterloo Falls along the Spring Creek Wild and Scenic River. This region of Spring Creek has more drops than your favorite dubstep song, which may explain both why this section of stream is so popular with kayakers, as well as kayaker’s obsession with dubstep. Unfortunately, my soundtrack for the day sounded more like Yakety Sax . Unable to recruit anyone to make the trek with me, I set out alone, grabbing a few extra plastic bags for the trash I was assured to find along the way. My standard gear set for a photo hike includes: Camera - I shoot a Canon T2i, and a Pentax Optio WG-1 (currently in the shop) Tripod Tiffen ND and polarizer filters Nalgene bottle of water Given that this was going to be a creek