Honey Creek Loop Trail, Big South Fork NRRA

Honey Creek is a difficult trail that weighs in at 5.6 miles. Don't bother with trekking poles, as your hands often need to be holding onto rocks, limbs, and roots to properly negotiate the trail. In a few locations the trail passes through boulders and it takes some creative spelunking to get through.

It was very cold yesterday when Alan Cressler, Jeff Moore, and I hiked Honey Creek. It had been 7 years since my previous visit and I tried to remember what to expect, but aside from the memory of frequently loosing the trail and several stream crossings, I couldn't recall the specifics.

Specifically, the western portion of the trail cuts through some amazing canyons dotted with waterfalls and rock shelters, while the eastern portion has amazingly huge cliffs (120+ feet) and passes by the Big South Fork River. It's a great place to feel tiny.

And tiny I was beside such immense geology. I was even tiny compared with some of the icicles forming at the lip of the cliffs above me. Several times throughout the day we heard loud crashing sounds which I could only suspect were large bundles of icicles crashing to the ground.

I took a few pictures of the trip. I hope you enjoy them.

Honey Creek Loop, Big South Fork NRRA, Scott County, Tennessee Honey Creek Falls 3, Big South Fork NRRA, Scott Co, TN
North Fork Honey Creek 2, sandstone, Big South Fork NRRA, Scott Co, TN
Ice below Hideout Falls, Big South Fork NRRA, Scott Co, TN
Icicles in rock shelter, Big South Fork NRRA, Scott Co, TN
Indian Rockhouse Nr1 twilight, Big South Fork NRRA, Scott Co, TN


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