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This page is a listing of occurrences of some of my publications, activities, and awards. In this list I include webpages, as well as significant self-published posts. Some of the things here may not fit neatly into a category. I maintain this primarily for personal reasons, but have kept it public in case anyone is interested.
Chuck Sutherland


Geographer - Photographer - Caver

Caving is a way to see the Earth from the inside out. Rocks and water have a story to tell; like a detective, the curious can tease out its story by carefully reading clues. I try to retain childlike curiosity and wonder for the amazing world we live in. There are so many wonderful things to know and so many amazing stories to tease out from the landscape!

I love learning from and working with other scientists. They all see the world in different ways. The geographer in me likes to form a larger holistic picture from these experiences. As much as I love learning, I love to share. A big part of that is getting people excited about caves and caving. It is the most accessible form of "frontier exploration" to humans.

I have been lucky to be well published. Highlights include my photography having been used by ABC, BBC, and the Discovery Channel. More than that, my work appears in such places as academic journals, music videos, international and local news, noteworthy lectures (by Fortune 500 CEOs no less), books, magazines, and websites.

Professionally I work at the Upper Cumberland Development District as the Director of Informatics. I manage GIS and data projects, and am used as a resource by staff at the UCDD and UCHRA as well as community members.

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Journal Publications

Paulina Bounds, Charles Sutherland (2018) Perceptual basemaps reloaded: the role basemaps play in eliciting perceptions. The Journal of Linguistic Geography. 6 (2). 2018: 1-24.

Gardner R., Hart E., Sutherland C. (2018) Delineation of a Major Karst Basin with Multiple Input Points, Roaring River, Tennessee. In: White W., Herman J., Herman E., Rutigliano M. (eds) Karst Groundwater Contamination and Public Health. Advances in Karst Science. Springer, Cham

Evan A. Hart, Frank W. Stapor, J. Enrique Novoa Jerez, and Charles J. Sutherland (2016) Progradation of a Beach Ridge Plain between 5000 and 4000 Years BP Inferred from Luminescence Dating, Coquimbo Bay, Chile. Journal of Coastal Research. 7 September, 2017

Yoichiro Kanno, William T. Russ, Charles J. Sutherland, S. Bradford Cook (2012) Prioritizing aquatic conservation areas using spatial patterns and partitioning of fish community diversity in a near-natural temperate basin. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. 4 July, 2012


Sutherland, Chuck, editor. Speleopocalypse: SERA's 69th Cave Carnival Guidebook. National Speleological Society, 2020.

Sutherland, Chuck, and Caralynn Strand, editors. National Speleological Society 2019 Convention Guidebook. National Speleological Society, 2019.


Photography & Videography

  • Boost - 2013, dead link (French / English book)

    Tree house



  • White County Rescue - 2020/01/18

  • NSS 2019 Convention Program - cartography, cover - 2019/04/30

  • Best of the National Speleological Society 2018, Award Winning Cave Photography and Music [DVD] - 2018/03/17

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