Ament Resurgence

Ament resurgence is the name of Cookeville's largest natural storm water drain (also known as a cave). A resurgence is a spring, a place where water returns to the surface from the subsurface.

Two springs can be found at this place. Pigeon Roost Spring, which sits somewhat higher in elevation above the Ament resurgence is only a short distance away and drains to the same location (in the video below, it's the waterfall coming from the left). From this place where they meet approximately 3800 acres are drained, all within the city of Cookeville.

Many of the tributary streams begin above ground, go underground, resurface, and go underground again before coming out at this location.

After a large rain on 2/20/2019 I visited the spring to find the spring like this.

For comparison, here is another high water event that I recorded on 2/16/2018.

Using GIS I was able to tease out the area which drains to this spot, or the watershed. Curious about how the land was used in that region I further analysed it and produced this map.

Ament Resurgence Watershed, Putnam County, Tennessee


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