Roads of Tennessee - A Collection of Top Ten Lists

Highway 30, Van Buren County, Tennessee I found myself on a long, lonely road a few weeks ago. It was River Canyon Road that crosses from Marion County to Hamilton county as it follows the course of the Tennessee River through the Tennessee River Gorge. As I drove this road, I wondered, "Is this the longest segment of road without any intersections in the state?" I have the data and tools to solve this problem.

First, let's look at River Canyon Road. As I look at my data, I can see that it is broken up with several named and unnamed smaller roads that lead off from it. However, my intuition wasn't far off base. It's combined segment lengths between intersections (not spurs) is 18.93 miles. However for the purpose of this analysis, it will not appear again.

Longest Road Stretches between Intersections
1) Cold Spring Rd, Monroe County - 15.12 miles
2) Game Reserve Rd, Marion County - 11.82 miles
3) Lower Pain Creek Rd, Greene County - 10.07 miles
4) Meadow Creek Rd, Cocke County - 9.52 miles
5) Pace Gap Rd, Polk County - 9.51 miles
6) Howard Harrison Rd, Carter County - 9.22 miles
7) Richland Coal County Rd, Scott County, 8.88 miles
8) Big Sycamore Creek Rd & Snake Hollow Rd, Claiborne & Hancock Counties, 8.79 miles
9) Miss Kelly Loop, Dyer County - 8.40 miles
10) River Rd, Monroe County - 8.04 miles

Longest Stretch of Road under the Same Name
1) Interstate 40, 911.61 miles
2) State Highway 1, 711.18 miles
3) US Highway 70, 620.47 miles
4) US Highway 64, 567.55 miles
5) Interstate 24, 363.45 miles
6) State Highway 15, 351.46 miles
7) Interstate 75, 318.17 miles
8) Lee Hwy, 302.89 miles
9) US Highway 321, 279.77 miles
10) State Highway 76, 276.87 miles


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