Edgar Evins State Park

Erigenia bulbosa, Edgan Evins State Park, DeKalb County, Tennessee 1

Edgar Evins State Park is tucked among the hills and hollars above Center Hill Dam and surrounding Center Hill Lake. It is a fine state park for those who enjoy fishing and lake access. There are several enjoyable hiking trails there as well. At Edgar Evins what I appreciate the most are the wildflowers. Spring, Summer, and Fall one finds a different assortment of flowers to enjoy and photograph. The most obvious trail, running behind the nature center, is perhaps the best for wildflowers.

With so much lake frontage, especially in the Winter, one can also find plenty of Mississippian fossils along the shores of Center Hill Lake. As far as I know the park doesn't let you take fossils home, which is just as well since I have so very many rocks at home already. Many of the best fossils are found in-situ (in the bedrock) so it wouldn't be practical to try to take them home.


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