Pickett State Park

Hazard Cave, Pickett SP, Pickett County, Tennessee 4

Pickett State Park is located in Pickett County, Tennessee. However management of Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area is through Pickett State Park. Pogue Creek Canyon SNA is in Fentress County. This is a point of some confusion. The state park is surrounded by a state forest of the same name, which (similar to Standing Stone) is also a point of some confusion.

Pickett State Park is known for its lake and explary Cumberland Plateau landforms, such as natural arches and rock shelters. While water on the Cumberland Plateau tends to quickly run off, the park has a lake, a perrenial creek (Thompson Creek), and a waterfall (Crystal Falls).


Pickett State Park, Tennessee Fullscreen map.

Natural Arches

Pickett State Park Natural Arches

Rock Shelters

Pickett State Park Rock Shelters


Pickett State Park Creeks


Pickett State Park Waterfalls


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