Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area

Megan Atkinson, Kildeer Arch, Pogue Creek Canyon SNA, Fentress County, Tennessee 1

Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area is one of my favorite places to hike in Tennessee. With few people on the trails it is easy to get lost in the beauty of solitude. In the headwaters of a gorge winding its way from the Cumberland plateau, the cliffs, shelters, and natural arches in this part of Fentress County are formed of a lighter colored sandstone than surrounding areas. As a result fresh rock faces almost seem to glow with a warm radiance.

Several trails are available to take, including a few routes which loop you back to generally where you began. Large ladders have been placed along some of the cliffs which may present a challenge to those afraid of heights or exposure.


Pogue Creek Canyon SNA map, Fentress County, Tennessee Fullscreen map.


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