Big Tennessee Sinkholes

Tennessee has perhaps millions of sinkholes, most of which are very small features. Based on data analysis from a 2013 sinkhole study (Dunigan/Sutherland 2013) I provide here a list of some of the largest features by dimension in the state. Below you'll find an interactive map, a table with this information, and photographs of some of the sinkholes.

Map of Grassy Cove, Cumberland County, Tennessee

Overlook, Grassy Cove, Cumberland County, Tennessee 1Granddaddy Sink, Big Creek, South Cumberland State Park, Grundy County, Tennessee 1 Unnamed stream, Bright Sink, Putnam County, Tennessee 2C1 swallet detail, Spring Creek, Overton County, Tennessee 2

* No official place name, named for nearest GNIS feature if nearby.
** Multiple possible names for feature. Made best guess.

Excluded from these lists is Montlake in Hamilton County. It may fit on the volume or depth list, but I cannot easily get at that information since it is flooded. It is a truly spectacular feature. More about Montlake here.

Montlake, Hamilton County, Tennessee 1


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